The Illusive Biography of the Broken Lizard Posse: a tale of a mystery and intrigue

Stalked, researched, and invented by,

"Leave 'em wanting more" advised my Professor of Creative Writing back in the simple, drunken days of undergrad.
That was before she mumbled something about Elvis, his pelvis, and Marvin Gaye into her Mimosa. The same advice was given recently by a smarmy Welsch bartender after I caught him trying to stiff me on the Captain in my Coke.

"Leave 'em wanting more" is exactly what comes to mind when trying to research the brilliant Broken Lizard comedy group on the World Wide Web (whether or not that was their goal, they succeeded).

It is very rare that I pass the first list-page on a web search, let alone creep into the cult underground of Webland- a dark, mysterious place filled with pale-faced folk who speak in thick accents of computer lingo and often cite the doctrine of one J.R.R. Tolkien. Thus noted, I venture forth, collecting small nuggets of possible BL truth, only to realize that I'm left with a pocket full of facts and thirst for more. "Of course," those of you BL fanatics might say, "why didn't you go to the Bio page on their newly refurbished site?" Well, my answers for that are three fold:
a. A good writer gets a variety of facts. b. It (being the website) was extremely enjoyable, but- I'm guessing here- not completely accurate. c. The Copy/Paste method didn't work.

In using their "Official" Website as a springboard, I jump into the thought that the gentlemen were- in truth- brought together by one Jay Chandrasekhar. He, being the first of the group, has the most web-information to date. So, we'll start a trip down memory lane with him.

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