Erik Stolhanske, last but not least in the alphabetical scale of creative lizards, is also known as "Mink" to those closest to him. The origins of his furry nick-name loosely date back to his days at home in the 'North' country. A Minnesota baby, Erik experienced the cold exhilaration of rugged, outdoor life. Ever-the-athlete, Erik was raised on ice-hockey, fly-fishing, full-on Australian football, and faux fur-trading (a most dangerous of sport; involves tracking and chasing faux-foxes and faux-minks and faux-ermine… their faux-teeth are quite sharp, as are the teeth of the moronic faux-fur protesters who don't know the meaning of 'faux'; and, who also seem to get mixed up in a typical day of faux-hunting). In youth, when Mink would attend faux fur-trading shows (a highlight in Minnesota) his blessed mother had to sew "Erik" in big, black letters on his clothing so that fellow faux fur-traders from Canada wouldn't steal him away upon hearing his nickname… needless to say, Canadian faux-fur traders are a serious lot.

During his rebellious pre-collegiate years, when most boys were T.P.'ing houses and exploding school toilets, Erik set out to explore the world. On a trip with his high school Australian football team to Australia, Mink became an expert in safely wrestling and taming crocodiles. When performing a Croc-stunt for his fellow teammates, a poorly placed rope tied him up at an inopportune time. Unable to free himself, and sinking quickly into the crocodiles' watery pit, Mink called out for help from his crocodilian mate, Chomp. Immediately, Chomp leapt to the rescue, freeing Erik from the bit of tangled rope. Even today, if a lucky fan happens to have a chance to speak with Mink, he'll use the phrase "Chomp the bit" in homage to his Croc-friend.

When it was time for extended education, Erik set forth to conquer another perilous part of the world, the East Coast, where he applied and was accepted to Colgate University. Call it divine intervention, or call it sweet ole grandfather fate… whichever you choose, it was at this time when Mr. Stolhanske met Mr. Chandrasekhar. Paired together as roommates they buddy'd around like it was fourth grade all over again. They traded baseball cards (Twins versus Sox), climbed trees, and shared Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum after class. Seeing them together on campus was as typical as seeing Laverne and Shirley skip through Milwaukee, WI… or Wayne and Garth driving the Mirth-mobile in Aurora, IL… or the Scooby Doo gang in the mystery machine parking at some creepy old house… With that in mind, it's no wonder the two have barely separated.

Since graduating, exploring the stage of New York with BL, and traveling cross country armed with taped skits in search of representation; Erik "Mink" Stolhanske has hiked his way through the realm of Cinema, occasionally stopping to explore different options along the way. On his resume, besides the various Broken Lizard projects, Erik can also add "The Sweetest Thing" (2002) and "Tropical Charlene"- which he also produced. Beyond the big screen, Mink could be seen in an episode of the acclaimed "Six Feet Under" (2001). If we were to look in on darling Mr. Stolhanske at a calm moment in his day, we would probably find him hiking through the wilderness of some virgin forest, breathing in the sweet perfume of untainted, fresh air; his two Labrador dogs, (Jerry) Lewis and Clark (Griswold), jumping in and out of the thick brush as they scout ahead; Erik continues after them, holding tightly onto the leash of his miniature albino Alligator, Chompette; the whole scene, the whole moment, his whole existence exudes pure "vivacity".

In Closing…

Well, there you have it… my warped, not-even-close biographies of the men of Broken Lizard. I filled in the gaps of the few facts I could find, satiating my personal BL fan appetite for the time-being; but, did my ramblings satiate yours? Can you pick fact from fiction? Do you want the BL truth? Can you… handle… the…truth?
"Leave 'em wanting more," my professor said, sipping her mimosa and skimming through the endless chapters of my work. She paused, glanced up glassy-eyed and tipsy; and she winked. "Leave 'em wanting more…"

Jay Kevin Steve Paul


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