Mr. Jay Chandrasekhar, "Thorny" to you Super Troopers fans, grew up in Northern Illinois (a most wonderful place to live, for all you non-Illinoisans); and, as all great Chicagoans do, moved away. Yes, moved on up to the eastern side of the United States to attend Colgate College for a history degree.
During his time spent in academic life, he gathered together his close faction of friends to form a sketch group called, Charred Goosebeak; named after a delectable dish only eaten by the most esteemed of the Comedic Genius.
After graduating with high honors, he was asked to step in as Dean of Comedic Arts. Alas, Jay had to decline the position being that there's no Comedic Arts program; the school had made the title up just to keep his brilliance around.
So he moved Charred Goosebeak to New York City where they performed regularly in skits aptly named, "Fishwhimsy" and "The Return of the Biscuit Champion." The gentlemen of Charred Goosebeak tamed riotous crowds with their wit, ending each show in a standing ovation.
But, this was not the end to Mr. J. Chandrasekhar. He registered at New York University for a six-week intensive Film Production course- a valuable life-changing decision that had to have been predestined… or, in other words, a drastic decision leading to cinematic-events with repercussions that may, perhaps, have been advised by a psychic or tarot card reader… or, again, in other-other words: a smart move.
Since then, Jay participated in filming "American Buffalo," "Celluloid Closet," "I Shot Andy Warhol," "Mall Rats," "Suburbia," "Dante's Level of Hell," and "Lone Star;" as well as directing/staring/writing/editing/etc-ing "Super Troopers," "Puddle Cruiser," and "Club Dread."
In 2001 he was named one in the top ten of Variety magazine's "Directors to Watch;" obviously a good magazine to note such brilliance. They truly understand what it is to have leadership skills. Jay's co-workers, employees, actors, family, friends, fans, etc would follow him wherever he wished to go. Such virtuosity does not go un-worshiped. These days you can find Jay working diligently in his cherry-wood study mapping out his latest endeavor; a lit fire in the background licking the hearth with orange flames scattering dancing shadows across many-a-book on the impressive shelved walls; his trusty lizard, Flash Gordon, at his feet (Rumors are that Jay is allergic to hairy pets) nibbling Jay's toes as he puffs on an herbal pipe. One look at this daily-occurrence and an outsider breathes "Acumen"- the perfect noun.

Kevin Steve Paul Erik


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