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Greetings and all that jazz!

Thank you for showing an early interest in the happenings here at the underground base of the Official Broken Lizard Fan Army!

We are currently in the 'building stages' for our kick-ass site. But, since you ROCK and are an eager recruit, we might as well share with you a bit of what's in store.

In the works for our home web-base we will have message boards, fan art, behind the scenes pictures and news, cast bios, and current/future projects. Also there will be monthly polls, BL webrings/links, auctions (such as signed stuff and collectors items), and bi-monthly interviews.

This site is run by the fans for the fans with the support of our beloved Broken Lizard. A couple of the Lizards have supplied us with pictures and dropped many-a-hint about future projects (off the record of course).

In the long run, we want this to be the "mecca" of Broken Lizard fan-dom; but we can't do this alone! There are many a 'clueless' Lizard fan out there just waiting to be a member of our underground army- so lend a hand and recruit, recruit, recruit!

Thank you for seeking us out! We'll be in touch again soon!

Mel & Izzy

~Co-founders of the Official Broken Lizard Fan Army~

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