Mr. Steve Steven Stephen Stephan E. Lemme, occasionally self-referred as "Lemdog," is the next on the alphabetical chart of BL fame. He, being the only one confident enough to have his birth date easily accessible on the WWW, was born on the twenty-seventh of November in the year nineteen hundred and seventy-three. Born to be a celebrity, Steve has always been one to know the value of fans, friends, and fun. He fell into the infectious comedic routine of Charred Goosebeak as a Colgate sophomore- thus making him younger then Jay and about I-have-no-idea in terms of everyone else.
As time passed and diplomas' distributed, it came time for Steve and his friends to continue on with what they did best- raw, passionate humor. Having realized the limit of their super-star potential in their quaint, college town, I don't doubt future-icon-Steve was ready, willing, and promptly packed for the adventure into the Big Apple; a stepping stone on his path to fame.
Whetting his taste for the dramatic arts night after night on the stages of the Duplex, he had the chance to watch performances of many Liza Manelli-wannabes "act" (a term I use loosely) in between sets. It was at this point when Steve truly appreciated the female angst of visionary arts. Like a few other poised, self-assured male actors, Mr. Lemme strongly believes in nude gender equality. In fact, it is written in small print of his contract that a Lemme nether-cheek must be mooned/flashed/ paraded/celebrated in each of his films; and, as the fans say, why not? Mega-Mac fan, Marsha Goldmeyer of Coolwater, Arkansas was quoted to say, "With a baby smooth (arse) like his, why bother wearing pants?"
In late 2001, it was rumored that Steve and his fellow lizard Kevin Heffernan had once considered co-writing a performance play along the lines of Vagina Monologues, titled "the Bum Chronicles." It would consist of several bum-confident speakers presenting satirical pieces with the theme "backside memories; a rear view of the world and me." Neither Mr. Lemme nor Mr. Heffernan could be reached for comment on the fact or fiction of this gossip.
Once the newly re-named Broken Lizard (ex-Charred Goosebeak) decided to take a turn in the biz, they broke out a camera and filmed the 30 minute "Tinfoil Monkey Agenda," thus embarking on a career off-stage and on-film- further promoting the fact that Steve was born for the lime-light.
Taking the smitten-puppy role of Felix Bean in BL's first full-length film, "Puddle Cruiser", Steve later opted for the more 'aggressive' role of Mac in "Super Troopers," further proof of his versatility.
Along with participating in the writing, acting, daily fan-correspondence, and miscellaneous set-crew activities, Steve has recently had the opportunity to co-produce the 2003 project "Boxes," a future-hit; one that the crate and moving companies across the United States will embrace as the united state police officers took to Super Troopers, as well as fort-building children and box-less bums.
If you were to peak into a most typical moment of Mr. Steve Lemme's daily schedule, you would find him deep into a Grande French Vanilla Cappuccino at the local Barnes and Noble, faithfully scribbling away to one of his many fans in the comfy café. Surrounded by books of Shakespearean actors and teen-beat magazines, picked from their genre appropriate B&N shelves, Steve notes/dog-ears/highlights all the important facts, trying to be the most he can be. Observers see this, smile, and think "Prolific."

Jay Kevin Paul Erik


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